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Staci S.

"I am grateful to Daria for the warm and respectful space she creates in which to receive, communicate and explore the more subtle aspects of life. I've found Daria to be a powerful teacher and empathic guide, gently pointing me toward a clearer vision and a more profound relationship with my own deeper dimensions."

Susan J.

"Daria saw in me aspects of my soul life that I had long hidden from myself. In my view, Daria is a gifted seer, deep and honest."

Tammy A.

"Daria's work is intuitive and infused with loving kindness. I have experienced lasting physical, spiritual and emotional shifts in my work with her."


Mystery School Level 1 with Alexis Cartwright, Kildare, Ireland.


Graduate of Fundamental, Advanced and Teacher Training Programs with Alexis Cartwright, Transference Healing®, New South Wales, Australia.

Graduate of Her Mystery School, Ashland, Oregon.

Priestess Ordination and Officiant Training with Josephine MacMillan, Belladonna Priestess Sanctuary, Berkeley, California.

Graduate of The Teacher’s Group with John Fulton, Aesclepion Healing Center, San Rafael, California.

Graduate of Clairvoyant Training with Laura Peppard, Reno Psychic Institute, Reno, Nevada.

Clairvoyant Training with Katyanna Gabriel, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Yoga Teacher Training with Sandra Sammartino, Vancouver, British Columbia.

MFA in Visual Art, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia.

BFA in Visual Art, The Cooper Union, New York, New York.

About Daria


Hello and welcome! I am a priestess and artist with deep reverence for our Earth and the Divine Feminine principles of receptivity, interconnection and pure potential. My sensitivity is my superpower, which took me a while to realize.

As a child I felt everything. I remember the nature spirits who danced along the creek in my backyard. I knew they were real because I felt their joy. I felt the anger that sat beneath the surface of some of the adults I knew. I felt the confusion of dark unmentioned ghosts who floated in corners. I escaped the intensity of feeling too much by creating a world for myself in my imagination. I learned to live just outside my body, and my awareness of the unseen worlds diminished. Throughout my life I have shifted back and forth between embodiment and a floating disconnection. When I was grounded in myself I experienced the magic of life, but I also felt pain, vulnerability, fear and rejection. In my imagination I was outside of life, but I felt safe and in control.

I met teachers and guides along the way who nudged me towards presence and taught me to differentiate between my own feelings and the emotions of others. My clairvoyant abilities resurfaced but the potency of my mystical experiences overwhelmed me, so I softened them through the filter of my imagination. I oscillated between here and anywhere-else-but-here for many years, watching the world from my back-and-forth perspective. Our culture felt so deeply dysfunctional but I couldn’t see how I could help from where I stood, with one foot out the door. And then, mysteriously, something shifted in me and my life began to change.

I woke up one morning convinced that it was time for me to be here, in my body, on Earth. I understood in my bones that the most effective way for me to contribute to real change would be to welcome radical presence. I finally knew that I needed to be here, but I felt so far away. I prayed to the universe: “Help me to trust and let go. Help me to open.” It was a turning point for me. Pursuing my spirituality was no longer my strange and secret side gig. Overnight it became my center point, from which everything I do is initiated. That simple act of asking for help catalyzed the activation of my Kundalini and the ongoing process of awakening I find myself in. I knew that my purpose was unfolding. What I didn’t know was that the life I had created would crumble all around me.

As the stories I had told myself grew thinner and the support I had counted on fell away, my emotions rose up through me in unstoppable waves. I was faced with the inevitability of feeling, and I was okay. In fact, as I moved into and through layers of suppressed emotion I gained access to the space beyond them. I opened into a perspective that was incredibly expansive and pure. And as the ground beneath me broke apart a deeper foundation rose up to support me. I couldn’t pretend to be in control of my life anymore. I learned to surrender. I was and am being guided and held every step of the way, and I believe that you are too. In my experience, awakening doesn’t transcend the emotions, it births through them. This is the path of the Divine Feminine, the energy that holds all of life with fierce and unconditional tenderness. Through the sensitivity of my body, my receptive nature, I am finally able to feel my connection to the flow of life and hear the guidance of my heart as it beats in time with the universe.

This world is vast and mysterious. We are meant to live in harmony with its cycles, to be empowered by its immense creative force, and to heal ourselves through being here, in our bodies on Earth, in this moment. When we open to the flow of life it doesn’t just carry us along. It also moves through us. We have access to so much power and love. We become magicians.

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