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"Healing occurs when you are open to change, not only in your being, but also your reality."

-Alexis Cartwright

Transference Healing® will lift the frequency of your body, consciousness and

Welcome to Two Moon Alchemy...


She is a crescent moon in the pre-dawn sky. A crack in the curtain. Always full, even as she waxes and wanes. She is two moons, the changing face we see and the eternal face that is hidden in shadow.

Ripe and glowing, deep and wild. She holds in herself all things, including you. There is no part of you, no thought, emotion or memory, that is rejected by her.

You are the bright moon and the dark, the sky that holds the moon and the water that reveals her reflection. You are all of life in its endless cycles. A release of fear. A pulse of rising power. You are love.

The circle unfolds within itself, always changing and always still. Without boundaries, and yet it is contained. What you are moving toward you have known before, like a crescent moon in the pre-dawn sky.

Miriam M.

"I recently received a Transference Healing® from Daria, and it generated a foundational, positive shift in my well-being! My hope for the healing was to clear out old patterned beliefs, thoughts and feelings that were no longer serving me, and that's exactly what has happened. I'm now experiencing an abundance of energy, love and confidence, along with a natural, internal openness and ease that I had been trying to cultivate on my own for years. Daria's work has moved me forward on my healing path! I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her in this way."

Frances I.

"During this past year I have had several Transference Healing® sessions with Daria.  She has guided me through emotional and physical obstacles that were preventing me from living a pain free life. I experienced a positive transformation. With Daria’s healing sessions I am able to relax, giving my physical body a chance to rebalance and optimize the benefits of my physical therapy exercises. I highly recommend Daria for her intuitive guidance to help her clients navigate any obstacles on their personal journey."

Rev. Joy C.

"I have known and worked with Daria for many years. She is a wonderful healer, reader and artist. Daria has this magical ability to help you shift energy and move through challenging things in life with ease, grace and humor. She has helped me navigate through many ‘dark nights of the soul’ with compassion and gentleness. She is a true Goddess and soul sister. I have had many readings and Transference Healings® with Daria, and she designed my logo and website. I highly recommend her for intuitive guidance, healing and beautiful artwork. She will help you remember the light within and that magic is real."

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